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Zombies are loose on the South Yard, and it's up to you to save us all!  Grab one of our stationary paintball guns and do your best with live, unarmed zombie targets. Please do NOT bring any of your own equipment! The paintball guns that are approved for this event are mounted to a table and can only be swiveled enough to aim and shoot at the designated targets. You will not engage in combat and will not be shot by paintballs!

$10 for 100 balls
$17 for 200 balls
$24 for 300 balls

From 7pm until Close, zombies will be waiting for you!  Zombie Paintball runs concurrently with the Dungeon of Horrors and the North Walk.  Come early or stick around after your walk through the Dungeon!

** Ticket sales begin at 7pm inside the South Wagon Gate.  Tickets for this event are not available online, and can not be purchased in advance.

**Cash ONLY Event!  Have your cash ready for paintballs and T-Shirts!